Josh Medlin Talks About Tai Chi
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Certified Practitioner, Asian Bodywork Therapy

Certified Practitioner, Asian Bodywork Therapy

Certified Massage Therapist, State of Indiana

Shiatsu Therapist at Lotus Wellness Center

Tai Chi Instructor at Lotus Yoga Studio


Josh Medlin is a resident of Indiana and has been practicing Shiatsu at Lotus Wellness Center for the past 2 years. As he has recently begun teaching a new Tai Chi class at Lotus Yoga Studio, I asked him to tell us more about Tai Chi and its importance in his life.


Hi Josh, Thank you so much for your time to talk about Tai Chi with our readers. I’m curious, what was your first experience with Tai Chi?

I first tried Tai Chi at a community center in Saginaw, Michigan about 10 years ago. Having previously shared the common assumption of tai chi as a light exercise for the old and feeble, I was surprised and impressed by how challenging it could be for anyone. I was drawn by the spirit of generosity and openness that seemed to go along with the tai chi community.


How long have you been practicing Tai Chi?

I’ve been practicing on and off for almost 10 years, but became more serious about 6 years ago while living in Chicago. I took private lessons with someone there, and learned the Cheng Man Ching form (which I still practice and now teach).


Why do you think Tai Chi is beneficial to people in today’s world?

Tai Chi meets people where they are. It helps them become more aware of the body and mind; improves balance, coordination, and agility; increases range of motion and flexibility; promotes better breathing; and provides tools to deal with stress.


How do you think Tai Chi helps people with various physical ailments?

The twisting involved in practicing Tai Chi massages the internal organs. Whereas yoga focuses largely on stretching muscle, Tai Chi focuses on opening joints and connecting the whole body to form a powerful, integrated unit. I often find myself using Tai Chi while working in the garden or pushing heavy objects!

Shortly after starting Tai Chi, I found that I needed less sleep and had more energy! Along with this, I had previously had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep several times a month, but that problem quickly disappeared. I could point to a lot of things that have improved in smaller ways…for example, my ankles rarely twist now, but that used to a frequent issue for me.


Why did you decide to teach a Tai Chi class at Lotus?

Steve thought there would be plenty of interest in a Tai Chi class. I love being at Lotus, and this seemed like a good opportunity for me to teach and for others to experience Tai Chi.


What is the relationship between Tai Chi and your shiatsu work?

Both Tai Chi and Shiatsu are based in similar principles, both in terms of energetic flow through the body and also how to best use your body. Practicing Tai Chi helps my shiatsu practice, and vice versa.

Learning Tai Chi would benefit many shiatsu and massage clients by offering them a way to daily reinforce and build on whatever progress is being made through the bodywork. After a bodywork session, a meridian or joint that is opened might return to its previous poor state without a change in habits. A practice like Tai Chi helps create and develop good habits and helps people learn and maintain self-care behaviors.

Josh’s Tai Chi class is held every Friday at 4:oo pm at the Lotus Yoga Studio (814 W. White River Blvd.). For More information about the Tai Chi class at Lotus Yoga Studio, see the Yoga Class Schedule. And to make an appointment for Shiatsu Massage with Josh, call or text: 317-652-6109 or email Josh directly at: [email protected]