Why Yin Matters
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Yin / Yang is a Taoist concept that refers to the idea of light and dark, strong and soft, high and low, etc.. This contrast, this push and pull of opposite energies, is a part of each of us. These two halves equal a whole, but because we are ever changing, we are never fully “whole”, rather we are in constant flux in obtaining that whole. This philosophy of ever-changing is shown in the icon that represents the yin/yang concept. The image is designed with the two halves shaped as swirls, not as half circles; the swirl shape shows constant movement, a kind of “chasing” that our two halves are always doing.

The two halves are referred to as Yin and Yang and defined as follows:
YANG is the bright lights and high energy (like the sun);
YIN is muted light and lower energy (moon).



We need them both.
But we have too much YANG.

And too much YANG causes stress.

Some stress is good, but too much is simply bad.

We all experience the negative effects of too much stress. Here are just a few:
• Headaches
• Back pain
• Sudden anger
• Depression
• Confusion
• High blood pressure
• Insomnia
• Heartburn
• Compromised immune system
• Irregular menstrual cycles
• Low libido
• Digestive problems
• Anxiety
• Lack of motivation

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And with stress, we do stupid things as a means to cope.

We’ve all done stupid things in the throes of intense stress.

You know what those things are, but here are just a few:
• Form addictions and take on substance abuse
• Develop eating disorders
• Pick fights with loved ones
• Withdraw from loved ones
• Spend too much money
• Display road rage


Doing these things is not OK. And having these physical and mental ailments is also not OK. Yin matters because Yin battles stress.

These lists are far from comprehensive. The items here are just a glimpse of the problems that come from stress. But what can we do about it? What can we eliminate from our lives? What can we do to slow down and reestablish the yin – yang balance?

Only you can answer that for yourself, but I’m telling you, the YIN YOGA CLASS is a sure way to reconnect with the vision of balance. Once you feel it, you will begin to find the answers to what you can specifically do in your life to nurture that balance.

YIN YOGA is the first step to increasing YIN in our YANG-heavy lives.


For more information see the Yoga Schedule on the Lotus Yoga Studio website. For questions, feel free to call the Lotus Wellness Center at 765-287-0822 or leave a comment below.

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