About Lotus

At Lotus Wellness Center we are committed to providing only well-trained professionals in their fields that utilize various time-tested complimentary therapies. Lotus offers: Massage Therapy modalities, Structural Integration Bodywork, and Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) together to assist traditional medicine in promoting healing and self reliance.

The Staff

Steve Gregory

CMT Structural Integration Therapist
Deep Tissue Massage Therapist

Steve graduated in 1994 from the Suncoast School of Massage Therapy in Tampa, FL. He has been practicing Massage Therapy over 22 years and works with individuals and athletes of all ages.  His bodywork practice is primarily directed toward relieving soft tissue pain.  His vision of enabling people to enhance their body, mind and spirit through a variety of bodywork modalities- in a central location- has resulted in the creation of Lotus Wellness Center.

Hailey Toy

Physical Trainer works with you individually to tailor a program and plan to help you meet your physical fitness goals!

Hailey began her love for movement early as a student in a pre-professional ballet training program. Upon graduating, Hailey went to school to pursue her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science with a minor in dance and an emphasis on physical therapy. For the last ten years she has continued teaching dance and working as a physical trainer. Hailey’s philosophy is deeply rooted in the education she gained through both dance her and her degree at Ball State — the body functions best when it is both balanced and aligned. Her physical training sessions will focus on improving alignment, coordination, and balance through developing a deeper mind-body connection and improving flexibility and strength. Hailey highly enjoys working with people one-on-one to develop a better quality of living.