Which yoga class is right for me?
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Are you new to yoga and want to see what all the hype is about? Or perhaps you did yoga years ago and want to get back into it but don’t know where to begin. Either way, there are many yoga choices and it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. As a strong proponent of the many benefits of yoga, I tend to believe that any yoga class is a great one. Nonetheless, I also know that the benefits are more effective if you find a class that meets both your goals and your personal preferences. To better understand the practice behind the different names of classes, here is a brief explanation of the kinds of classes you can find in the Muncie area. Keep in mind, you should also consider what you are hoping to gain from a yoga class.

Glossary of terms

Disclaimer: each teacher brings his/her own style and energy to the class, so while the following terminology is described generically, note that expression of these terms will vary from one teacher to the next.

Yoga class name

What it means

Generic description of the class


Vinyasa yoga – also referred to as “flow” 


Movements and breath are coordinated to create a fluidity of movements from one pose to the next. Some vinyasa teachers explain each pose and spend more time on alignment and the proper way to do the poses; others assume you know the poses and focus more on the “flow”.

NOTE: this term is often used, regardless of whether the class is slow and gentle or hot and powerful.


Power yoga Physically challenging Usually this is a fitness class that uses yoga poses to build strength and stamina
Hot yoga The room in which the class is held is heated, usually to 92-98 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot yoga classes are usually physically challenging in the poses as well as in the heat of the room.
Hatha yoga Basic, gentle poses Usually, teachers of hatha yoga focus on alignment of the body in the postures and will include more verbal explanations during the class.
Yin yoga Gentle poses that are held for longer periods of time. The purpose of yin is to slow down the body/mind and restore inner balance. Practitioners will generally only do 5-8 poses in one class period. The instructor will usually include commentary or readings to promote the process of relaxation and inner reflection.
Prenatal yoga Gentle stretching and poses with a focus on breathing techniques that are beneficial during pregnancy and labor. All poses are aimed at moving comfortably during the stages of pregnancy and the use of breath to assist in labor.

New students are always welcome at the Lotus Wellness Center Yoga classes. For more information, check out the yoga schedule on our website. Or feel free to contact us by phone at 765-287-0822 or leave a comment below.