athlete stretching for range of motion

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is specific to the athlete’s sport. In a particular sport overused and stressed areas of the body become the focus of this massage therapy. For example, athletes favor their dominate side of the body. So repetitive movements, such as twisting and over-strengthening result in overstrain on one side of the body and overcompensation on the other side of the body. Sports Massage addresses this issue so that the athlete can obtain and maintain balance and ultimate strength.

Athletes can use this therapy as a means to warm-up before working out, for pre-event preparation, to reduce recovery time, for maximum performance during training, or after an event to ensure proper blood flow and distribution of nutrients to muscle fibers. Components of several different modalities and timing during training (pre/post workout, before or after events) are used to enhance performance or promote healing post injury.

Increasing range of motion (ROM) is essential for athletic success and duration.  Maintaining full ROM balances the opposite muscle groups while increasing overall strength.  This balance and strength in the joints aids in preventing injuries such as strains, sprains, and fractures.

Benefits of Sports Massage include:

  • injury prevention
  • injury rehabilitation
  • increase in range of motion
  • pre and post workout recovery