PEMF Testimonials
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What Lotus Clients Have Experienced:

Lotus client “A”“I have been going to Lotus Wellness Center for years due to chronic back pain and spinal stenosis. To make matters worse, 4 years ago I broke my back in a motorcycle accident. Steve has done a great job using body work therapy for my pain relief and when we started adding the PEMF machine to his body work,  I could not believe the improvement!  PEMF has reduced my pain levels by at least 80%, So much so that I often forget to take my pain medications for several days. For the first time in years I am pain free for days.” 

Lotus client “B”“Before receiving electromagnetic therapy, I had been experiencing a lot of wrist pain and stiffness.  My doctor suspected that it was carpel tunnel. Being a teacher, writing is a huge part of my job and what I enjoy doing.  It was really scary that this pain was affecting my everyday life so much.  As soon as I started doing the electromagnetic field therapy, I noticed a huge improvement.  I remember at one point, I was grading a huge stack of papers.  I got through all of them and realized my wrist had not been uncomfortable at all.  It was incredible!  I’m not doing the therapy regularly anymore, but my wrist is still a lot better.  I need to stretch a lot and make sure I do not irritate it.  But I am certain that the electromagnetic field therapy helped me heal in a way my body was not doing on its own.  I am very thankful and plan to continue doing this therapy whenever my injury flares up.Thank you to Steve Gregory and everyone at Lotus!” 

Lotus client “C”“I experience pain regularly in my elbow, hip, shoulder and heel. After a few session of PEMF I noticed a big difference in my everyday discomfort.” 

Lotus client “D”“After just two sessions I had a lot less swelling in my foot. I was able to stand at work much longer than usual before pain returned.” 

Lotus client “E”“My shoulder has been a problem for over a year.  It hurt whenever I raised my arm, reached out in front of me, or when trying to lift something. After my first PEMF session, I could tell it was better.  I still had all the same issues, but I could use and raise my arm a little more before feeling the pain. Now after 3 more sessions my shoulder is almost normal.” 

Lotus client “F”“I have been dealing with plantar fasciitis over the past year.  It hurts so bad and my heel swells.  After my first session with PEMF I woke up the next day and had no pain or swelling!  It was amazing.  I will definitely be back for more sessions.