Meet Lotus Yogi, Nicole Call!
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Nicole’s Lotus yoga teacher was so happy to snap this picture of her balancing on blocks to enjoy the benefits of inversions!
  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
    I’m a busy mom of two and wife. I’m originally from Pennsylvania, but also lived in Syracuse, NY before moving to Muncie. I work part-time as well as volunteer a few different places, mainly working on computers. Between working at a desk or in the car driving the kids to practice, therapy, scouts, etc., it’s hard to find time to be active or even just time to myself.
  2. How does yoga fit into your lift?
    Yoga really is the perfect fit for me. It’s relaxing and calming while keeping me active, strong, and flexible. I look forward to it every week not just to keep my body in shape, but also my mind. And because I look forward to it, I make it a priority. I’m taking care of myself so I can take care of others.
  3. How long have you been practicing yoga?
    Only a year and a half. I was so clumsy and stiff at first, sitting cross legged on the floor with a straight back was a challenge for me.
  4. How do you think you’ve changed—physically, mentally, spiritually—since you started practicing yoga?
    My friend signed us up for an introductory class as her Christmas gift to me. It’s the best gift she could’ve given me. Not only I’m I in better shape physically and mentally, I’ve made some amazing friends through yoga. I’ve changed tremendously through yoga. I had lower back pain, hip pain, and shoulder pain most of my adult life. I’ve gone to doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, all several times. It would relieve the symptoms initially, but the pain would just come back. When I started yoga, I didn’t notice any difference at first. But about 4 months in, going nearly every week, the pain began to lessen until it was gone. Yoga had put my body back into its natural alignment. And if I miss a week or two of yoga, I can feel it.
  5. What yoga posture/pose do you like the most? Why?
    Savasana. It’s like a reward at the end of yoga session. Plus, you get that time to reflect on how much better you feel.
  6. Which Lotus class(es) do you attend most often?
    I love the Slow Flow & Restore class on Thursdays, at 6:15pm. And Libby is an amazing instructor and friend. I also love it when River or Rachel fill in for Libby. It’s great to change it up.
  7. What do you find most challenging about yoga?
    Two things. With a hectic schedule, it was hard to make yoga or even myself a priority. I’m always working, volunteering, and doing something with/for the kids, etc. And it was too easy to say I’ll go tomorrow or next week. But I’ve been going every week for over a year, only missing a few due to conflicts, illness, or being out of town. The second is balancing poses. I’m horribly clumsy and have no sense of balance whatsoever. And when I fall, I take others down with me. So, for balance poses, I automatically go to the wall for support. That way I can still get the benefit of the poses without hurting anyone or myself.