Lotus Responds to Coronavirus (COVID-19)
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It is important to note that, at the time of this writing, the Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has NOT been found in Muncie. And at Lotus Wellness Center, we intend on keeping it that way!

Coronavirus is on everyone’s minds these days.

And mindfulness is the best preventative measure

we can all take.

According to the CDC, we should be mindful of the presence of germs in our environment and take care to clean surfaces before and after we use them.

At Lotus Wellness Center, we promote mindfulness; we also believe in not living in fear. Apply that to the current worry on everyone’s mind, and the rapid rate of changes taking place in response to Coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to ensure our employees, clients, yoga students, and everyone in the area to maintain a calm and peaceful attitude to the mindful approach to extra care in cleanliness.

Heath is our Priority

The health of our team and clientele is our number 1 priority. As our ongoing commitment to providing a clean, positive, and safe environment for all therapy clients and yoga students, we have thorough cleanliness policies and protocols in place to help protect against the spread of germs and bacteria. And now, with the growing concern about Coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to ensure everyone that we are also taking special precautions to go above and beyond our normal sanitizing practices:

Our standard procedures include:

  • We change sheets and wash them between every client
  • We disinfect face rests between clients and we dispose and change the covers between every client
  • We dispose and change head rest overs between every client
  • We clean all therapy rooms multiple times a day
  • We require therapists to wash hands (20+ seconds) before and after seeing every client

In addition to our regular cleanliness standards, we are now implementing the following:

  • We sanitize all doorknobs and light switches multiple times a day in both the therapy office and the yoga studio
  • We disinfect all desks, chairs, and surfaces after every use
  • We are asking all Yoga Teachers to ensure that yoga students clean any mats and props that are used. (Disinfectant and wipes are provided)


While continuing our services that promote holistic health,

we request anyone who is coughing or feeling ill in any way,

to please respect others by staying home.


Best Defense: Strong Immune System

In addition to increasing sanitation and cleanliness policies, and asking anyone feeling sick to stay home, we also want to reiterate the powerful defense of a strong immune system. When the immune system is strong, it is better able to defend against Coronavirus (COVID-19). The services we provide at Lotus Wellness Center all serve to promote the health and strength of the immune system. Therefore, we continue to welcome you to Lotus Wellness Center and Yoga Studio for massage, PEMF, Pranic Healing, Reiki, and yoga.

The Power of Positivity

Meanwhile, remember that mindfulness contributes to a positive state of mind. And a positive attitude emits positive energy. Energy, though not a visible, tangible condition that we can measure, is all around us and is very powerful. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a positive attitude in all we do and to do our work with compassion and loving kindness. Whether you are at home, at Lotus, at work, or in any social environment we encourage you to practice positive mindfulness as you disinfect all areas around you.

Positivity is Contagious

While Coronavirus (COVID-19) is contagious, positivity is also contagious!

Help us maintain a place of positivity, healing and ongoing health to share with everyone you know.

It is within your reach to

make a difference in your community

through positivity.

Indeed, positivity is contagious.

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