Why YOU need a Sports Massage
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While massages are now a common part of athletic training and care routines, it is possible that your massage is not producing the optimal benefits for you.

[Oh no!]

Sure, any massage will feel good and help you relax; any massage can promote your blood circulation and increase flexibility. And all massages offer a much-needed reprieve for tired, over-worked muscles.

But not all massages provide sports-specific recovery results or open the body to optimal performance.

Wait. What?? Optimal performance?

Your Personal Best

Oh, yes! There is a direct correlation to the kind of massage you get and your athletic performance. Research shows that:

  • muscle fatigue recovers more quickly from targeted massage AND
  • rejuvenated muscles (after sports massage) respond better and faster in training.

OK, I know you know this, but it still needs to be said:

Athletes are driven to excel and exceed their current abilities.

Always aiming to improve your PERSONAL BEST:

Personalize your training AND your massage.

Target your training: target your massage

You specify your training, so why would you accept a generic massage? Not all athletic practices strain the body in the same ways. The impact of the sport on the body varies tremendously from one sport to another. In other words, the aches and strains that runners experience are different from the aches and strains that a swimmer may experience. And volleyball players put more strain on knees while baseball and softball players are more likely to experience injury and pain in their shoulders and hips.

And the same is true for massages. Not all massages treat the body in the same ways. The impact of a relaxing massage is very different from the impact of a sports massage. In other words, as an athlete, you need a massage that addresses your body’s sport-specific needs.

Massage therapists trained in Sports Massage understand these differences and are prepared to specifically address the ailments that plague athletes that specialize in a particular sport.

Indeed, all athletes work their bodies hard; likewise, all massage therapists address the needs of each body differently. It is important however, to recognize that an athlete’s hard work is tailored to their sport. Shouldn’t your sports massage also be tailored to the impacts that your sport has on your body?

Why Sports-specific Massage

Athletes need a Sports Massage on a regular basis in order to:

1) prevent injuries;

2) heal more quickly; and

3) improve the efforts in training that ultimately improve performance.

If massages are a regular part of your training and care routines, make sure your massage is a sports massage. Make sure your massage therapist understands the repetitive movements you make in your training and performance. And make sure the full benefits of the massage are showing up in performance!

If you are not currently getting sports massages as a part of your regular routines, get connected now with a professional sports massage therapist and be prepared to be amazed!