Take It Off the Mat: We are Launching a New Series!
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Hello yogi readers! I am starting a new series on this blog: Lotus Yoga off the Mat, and I want to hear how YOU are applying your yoga practice to “regular life” reality. Beginning June 1, 2017, until June 30 – for next 30 days – this Lotus Wellness Center-sponsored challenge is your chance to take your yoga to a new level and share your insights with others!

Here’s how it works

What to do

  1. Print off, screen-shot, or bookmark the schedule of prompts (coming soon!) follow it as a guide to consider your yoga practice in the various situations.
  2. Read the posts here for each day of the challenge and see how you can apply yoga to each of the featured aspects in your own life.
  3. Leave a comment on the blog post or on the Facebook page sharing your personal experience as it relates to the prompt. Use the hash tag: #lotusyogaoffthemat (see below for instructions on using hash tags)
  4. (optional) – you can also post pictures and thoughts on Instagram or Twitter.

How you can win

We are keeping track of your posts and at the end of the challenge, the person who has the most number of posts will receive a Manduka Pro Mat (color sage green).  


What this challenge means to us

The inspiration for this came when I heard myself saying “yoga off the mat” quite often in my conversations. When a colleague is frustrated with a difficult co-worker, for example, my response might be, “Camel pose is a heart-opener and, for me, the hardest thing about that pose is remembering to breathe when I’m reaching up and back and open. When so-and-so is making my day difficult, I see myself in my mind’s eye doing camel pose and I remember not only to breathe as so-and-so is ranting, but also to sit up straighter, bring my heart forward, and feel compassion.” Now, I admit, I only say those things to other yogis, and only in conversations set in out-of-work environments, but hearing myself made me realize how often I think about yoga off the mat in my daily life, and make attempts to take my yoga practice off the mat. I believe that within our individual yoga communities, we do indeed foster this concept of yoga off the mat so I want to use this forum to broaden that support system and to further develop our yoga off the mat practice.

How to use the hash tag:

Before you click “post”

on any of the social media platforms,

simply write: #lotusyogaoffthemat

That’s it!

We hope you will enjoy participating in this, our first challenge! Share our Take It Off the Mat series with your friends! Be sure to use the hash tag #lotusyogaoffthemat when you post on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to help us spread this concept and put our yogi energies out into the world! And don’t forget to leave comments below on this, or any of the challenge posts to boost your chances to win that awesome MANDUKA Pro Mat! Namaste, my friends