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Who can do yoga?

You do not have to be flexible to begin yoga.  You also do not have to be a beginner to benefit from any level of yoga. At Lotus Wellness Center, we work with all bodies. We aim to provide a path to whole wellness through the yoga path.

Taking time to stretch while paying attention to how your body feels is a powerful stress reliever. In our classes at Lotus Wellness Center we want to empower our fellow yogis to know themselves better – to listen to their bodies and to make conscious choices about their lives.


Yoga Pricing

  1. Drop-in: $10.00
  2. New student discount: two weeks unlimited classes for $30.00
  3. Yoga Pass Discounts
    1. Six class yoga pass: $50.00
    2. Ten class yoga pass:$80.00

Class Descriptions

Slow Hatha 
Slow Hatha is an introductory class for people who are new to Yoga and/or who may be hesitant to attend a yoga class. Yoga history and philosophy are woven into the teaching of basic yoga postures. Breath work is also find the idea of going to a regular class somewhat unnerving. Pranayama (breath work), an essential foundation of yoga, is also taught and practiced.

Gentle Hatha is recommended for beginners to yoga, though all yogis can benefit from the practice.


Hatha classes focus on foundation and alignments and use breath to build strength and maintain the asanas. Basic poses are practiced and more advanced poses are introduced so that yogis can grow and develop their practice.

Students of all levels can attend this class.


Slow Flow Vinyasa
Slow Flow Vinyasa incorporates breath with movement into and out of the poses in the practice. These classes begin with a centering warm-up and grounding practice and move into sun salutations and other flowing sequences of poses. Slow Flow Vinyasa classes end with a deep relaxation.

Students of all levels can attend this class, though it is not recommended for true beginners.


Vinyasa classes are based on movement powered by breath through various sequences of yoga poses including Sun Salutations, Warrior Flow Series, and selective other combinations, all aimed at increasing both strength and flexibility.

Know this style is a physical workout that build strength, tone, balance and  flexibility. Vinyasa is a “moving meditation” that also exercises mind and spirit as well as the body. The breath-movement practice work to focus and clear the mind.

Students of all levels can attend this class, though it is not recommended for true beginners, and yogis should be familiar with the basic yoga poses.


Powerful Flow Vinyasa
Powerful Flow Vinyasa is a more intensive physical workout than the other Vinyasa classes. Heat is built from within the body with breath and rigorous strength-building movements. Powerful Flow Vinyasa classes practice mindfulness through concentration on breath, movements between the poses, and deepening personal expression through the yoga asanas. Deep relaxation is promoted during the Savasana to heighten body-mind awareness and to bring the hard work of the practice to fruition. Guided meditation is also a part of Powerful Flow Vinyasa classes.

This is currently offered only as a series. Students should register for the full series. See Yoga Schedule for dates.


Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga is a quiet, softer, more traditional style of yoga and compliments and balances the modern Vinyasa styles of yoga. It is a natural, healing practice that cultivates greater flexibility in the joints, physical ease and lightness in the body and calmness of mind.  

Another aspect of Yin is focusing on the spine and hips and students move into the asanas (shapes) from a seated or lying down position. Movements are slow and gentle so that each person can find their own appropriate edge and stay for a while. Yin shapes are held for one to five minutes each, allowing time for tensions to be released from deep connective tissues, calming and revitalizing the body and mind. 
Yin Yoga is taught from a functional perspective: it’s about how a pose feels, relaxing the idea of how we may think a pose needs to look. Mindfulness is a basic theme and is something we always come back to. Mindfulness is the backbone of Yin Yoga. Consciously and with friendly curiosity we examine the experience of each moment cultivating awareness of our inner silence and inner wisdom. Leave feeling grounded and connected. 
Yin Yoga meets you where you are and students of all experience levels are welcome.


Restorative Yoga
Restorative Yoga is slow and gentle because the poses are all on the floor. Each pose is held for several minutes to promote complete relaxation. Restorative yoga is solely aimed at relaxation of the muscles being stretched. 
Appropriate for all level yogis; all are welcome.


Prenatal Yoga

Growing a human is a lot of work. It puts your body and your spirit through a lot, but it is a precious time when a mama is bursting with promise for what this new life could bring.

Prenatal Yoga class is about taking time to nurture both the physical and emotional self of a pregnant mama. Building strength to carry precious life inside you with more ease as your belly grows is a  necessity met by Prenatal yoga. It is about stretching, releasing back pain and bringing peace to your changing body. It is about connecting to your breath. Your breath can help you find the balance that can carry you through the hormonal shifts and mood swings that will come. It is about cleansing your body of toxins to aid in the digestive discomfort that your baby can bring forth in you. It is about caring for yourself and your baby.

Prenatal Yoga is also the perfect preparation for childbirth. By connecting to your breath, and practicing breathing through discomfort, you can prepare to breathe through contractions.  A result from connecting to your breath is you will connect to your intuition.  In other words your body prepares you to listen to the messages that your body will send you while you labor. These messages are about how to ease your baby out into the world. By practicing certain poses, you help to loosen the pelvis to prepare it to open and strengthen the legs to help them to hold you in the most effective birth positions.

The poses that we use to prepare our bodies to give birth are also very beneficial in recovering for pregnancy and birth. So we also encourage our postnatal mamas to return to prenatal yoga for as long as it feels right for them.  We use modifications for all stages of the process to allow yoga to be accessible to women throughout their pregnancy and recovery, and at any level of experience. We often have women who have never practiced yoga before in our class.

There is something truly special about a yoga studio full of pregnant and postnatal mamas. Coming to prenatal yoga you will have a chance to connect with other women who are with you in what you are going through. This connection will inspire you to continue to build strength and balance. You will be excited by those who join us newly pregnant.  As we build a community of pregnant mamas in our class it becomes truly special.

Currently this is only offered as a series. Students should register for the full series. See Yoga Schedule for dates.