Rewards Program
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winner-perkvillewebNow You Can Begin to Earn Points Through Our Rewards Program

What is Perkville?

Perkville keeps tracks of your Points and Perks and is integrated with the point of sale and back office systems at Lotus Wellness Center to keep things simple for you. You now can earn points for attending classes, getting massage, acupuncture, referring a friend, or posting about us on Facebook. Points can be redeemed to your account for yoga classes, Lotus Gift Cards and more….

Some examples of Earning Points:

Birthday= 200 points

Refer a friend to Lotus = +100 points

Class attended at Lotus = +5 points

Facebook Post = +10 points
See details when you sign up

Some examples of Redeeming Perks:

Free Drop-in Class = -200
$15 Off Choice of below = -350

• Hot Stone Massage 60 min

• Shiatsu session 60 min $25 Lotus Gift Card = -500

*As things progress, we will add more Perks. Perks, Earnings, and promos can change at any time.

Simply create an account on and begin earning points today!