Connect with a Massage Therapists or a Physical Trainer
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We miss seeing you, and hope you are well.

Please find the contact information below for our Massage therapists and our Physical trainer.  You may check with each of them to verify if they are offering services and any other criteria.  With therapists working independently at various locations, pricing, methods of payment, scheduling and safety protocols may differ with each therapist.  I will be updating the following information soon. For instance, I will add safety protocols for each therapist as it is supplied to me.  Therefore, periodically check on this page for new information.

Thank you

Stay safe and well,

Steve Gregory


For Physical Training

Hailey Toy

Phone: (217) 597-8764



For Massage Therapy

Dawn Curtis

Phone: (708) 606-7475



Heather Miller

Phone: (843) 270-2502



Josh Medlin

Phone: (317) 652-6109



Steve Gregory’s Contact info and safety protocols

Phone: (765) 729-5595


Hello! I thought I would write up some protocols so you will know what is being done between massage
or bodywork sessions in order to keep all of us as safe as we can be.

I have separated an area in my house to assure proper cleaning and sanitation. My goal is to create a
special healing space that will aid in releasing some of the tension piling up on us as we wade through
this uncomfortable health crisis. When I begin seeing clients, I will not be finished with the inside or the
outside and I hope you can enjoy the progress as time goes by. It will be a work in progress.

There are a lot of opinions about the virus and whether it is just another virus or whether or not masks work to slow the spread of the virus. Regardless, I will not ask you to do anything that I am not doing for you.

My address is 701 N Alden Rd. It is on the corner of W. Riverside and Alden Rd, one block west of

What you are expected to do:
• If you are coughing or feeling ill in any way, please respect others by staying home. Please be
considerate and stay home if you have been exposed to anyone with these symptoms also.
• Text me when you arrive. If there are 2 cars in the driveway, please park across the street in the
church parking lot UNTIL I text you to come in.
• Please put on a mask and use the gate to go to the front entrance and I will open the front for you.
You will not see a door knob when you get to the entrance. This is temporary and I will explain
this to you when you arrive. The front entrance is under repair.
• I am aware there are medical reasons why some people cannot wear masks. If you are in
this situation, please talk to me about it before making an appointment.

If you need a mask please, make arrangements with me, when you schedule your appointment, and
I will provide a mask for you.

What I will do:
• I will be wearing a mask.
• If I feel sick or ill in any way, I will reschedule appointments.
• If there’s a chance I might have been “compromised” in public or around someone with
symptoms, I will reschedule appointments and self-quarantine to be on the safe side.
• I will be attempting to schedule enough extra time between clients to prepare and sanitize the
table and room for the next client. We will have only one client at a time in the building.
• I will wash my hands (20+ seconds) before and after every client
• All doorknobs and light switches are sanitized multiple times a day
• Desks, chairs, and all surfaces are disinfected after every use
• Restrooms are disinfected and wiped down between each client
• Sheets are changed and washed between every client
• Face rests are disinfected between.
• Therapy rooms are cleaned and wiped down multiple times a day

Thank you for understanding and I look forward to working with you!