Day 15: Namaste
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Hello yogis!

Today is the last day in our

Lotus Yoga Off The Mat challenge

and our theme is Namaste.

Namaste is a Sanskrit greeting that implies belief that a divine presence resides in all living creatures and so, when we greet each other, we recognize and honor this divine element. The bowing gesture and folded hands in front of the heart that accompanies the verbal expression further promotes the belief by bringing attention to our heart, where spirit is most effectively felt, and the expression of respect by bowing in humility.

Namaste also represents the idea that we all have something to learn from others. The translation into English is usually “The teacher in me sees and honors the teacher in you” or “The God in me sees and bows to the God in you.”

In other words, we are all precious, and we all have purpose, and we are all forever students and teachers in the world, and this is AWESOME!

When we voice this sentiment, we begin to believe it, and when we believe it, we live it. 

The Namaste lesson is perhaps the most profound aspect of yoga that has impressed, and continues to impress, me the most. The combination of spoken word and physical movement brings the honor, respect, compassion, tolerance, self-love, and universal love all together in a completed circle that never ends, and therefore, never begins – it just IS a way of life.

On the mat, it is very powerful.

Off the mat, it re-centers me and re-aligns me with my values and my intentions in life.

We hope that you have enjoyed this challenge and that the themes have given you an opportunity to think about your yoga practice in a new way.  Please continue to check the blog for events at Lotus Wellness Center and for upcoming challenges!